private sessions

Learn from the quiet intelligence of your own body


Functional Integration® 

Perhaps you are looking for relief from pain  – or a new approach to wellness. Consider the benefits of a private Functional Integration lesson (FI). You will leave the session with more awareness, energy, and ease. A series of lessons can transform your movement potent ion by increasing your movement choices.

FI  is a one-to-one approach where learning, change and improvement are explored through the use of gentle touch and awareness.   It is gentle, subtle, effective, and widely recognized for its ability to address both minor aches and pains, and serious muscular-skeletal and neurological problems, chronic tension, and the developmental problems of children.

The theme of the session is always You – your movement goals, challenges, and dreams.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) regulates the central nervous system, restoring access to our ‘rest, digest and heal’ mode. This shift paves the way for restoring communication between the systems in your body, including the connective tissues, muscles and joints.  This deeply relaxing therapy reconnects you to your inner resources, making it an ideal approach to healing injury and trauma including recovery from illness or surgery.


Initial Assessment 

$150 + GST | 1.5 Hours

I offer Feldenkrais Functional Integration® and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as the foundation of my work in clinic. I provide you with movement tools and resources between visits, as well as coaching you in moving well during your day (including how to avoid overuse and re-injury). These approaches offer a powerful complement to other modalities and interventions.

The Initial Assessment and focussed treatment is an important step on this journey towards sustainable health. We will cover your concerns, your history, and your goals to find the right combination of tools to support your healing. 

Function is at the core of Feldenkrais work, and utilizes the plasticity of your brain to adapt. In these sessions you will build your capacity for change.

At the core of Craniosacral Therapy is the regulation of the nervous system. This can be the very first step towards increasing your capacity, by supporting better sleep, better digestion, and giving your whole system more space and ease for living.

Chronic Condition Programme

$1050 + GST | Initial Assessment + 9 sixty minute sessions

A thorough and compassionate approach to guiding you back to resilience, well being and confidence in moving once again. This is a powerful commitment to your Health, and it is my privilege to offer my skills and experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and a Craniosacral Therapist.

This approach by definition is a compliment to other treatments that you require.

Recovery Treatment Package of 6

$540 + GST | 6 sixty minute sessions 

Create the conditions necessary for lasting change, work with a protocol designed for your goals and needs, gain confident to practice at home and save on the cost of an individual session. Congratulations for making a special commitment to your health and learning.

You have 6 months to use this 6 pack, and we can decide how to pace our time together.

Functional Integration (single)

$100 + GST | Sixty Minutes 

Private lessons are subtle, unique to you and can transform your movement potential. Book a single appointment, or consider a series of lessons to create exciting new possibilities for your movement life.

Craniosacral Therapy

$100 + GST | Sixty Minutes

Enjoy deep relaxation and healing with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This gentle yet profound light touch treatment is for the whole body - with a particular emphasis on regulation of the central nervous system.  Your practitioner orients to your body's innate ability to restore and heal. This approach promotes the health and integrity of your spine, fascia, muscles and joints, as well as the communication between all the systems of the body. 

The term Biodynamic implies that this approach uses highly informed touch to invite and support the client’s body to initiate the change, as needed in its’ own timing and priority.

Semi-Private Lesson

$100 + GST | Sixty Minutes

A great way to get even more learning and fun into your private appointment. I can host you and your partner, or up to a group up to 4. I can also come to your workplace or workshop ($100/hour plus travel $ ). (I am not sure where to put this so it's not buried)

After several years of lower back discomfort I had a private Feldenkrais session with Jennifer. Following her gentle guidance & encouragement to observe both my physical response & ultimately my emotional response as she held & supported the area of concern, I could sense a change in these muscles. I felt so unencumbered, lighter, free of the old nagging twinge. I am amazed that even after 2 weeks, I continue to feel the benefits.
— Feldenkrais Client