Beyond This or That.

Your attention is what matters most to your nervous system.

Every moment presents choices of movement and thought, for the most part obscured from awareness unless we begin to pay very close attention to the moment before we take action. An endless series of tiny decisions leads to bigger choices -or even to running out of choice if we aren’t careful .

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Immerse Your Self

Here it is - an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Okanagan Valley, AND in a deep somatic movement retreat. If you don’t already Love Naramata - You Will. And if you haven’t already experienced the power of a daily dose of Feldenkrais in a supportive environment - You Will.

I will offer the option of additional private lessons and craniosacral therapy in the afternoons or evenings.

We will cover the fundamental principles of the Feldenkrais approach and do two Awareness Through Movement ® lessons each day. We will progress to finish with a challenging movement sequence that will promote each participant to apply the ideas beyond the workshop (modifications are used to adapt to all abilities). Practically, this means making functional movements in fun and novel sequences. We always include floor work - for example: coming to sit and stand by rolling, exploring themes around walking, reaching and balancing – while taking time each day to focus briefly on anatomy and the healthy functioning of hips, shoulders, spine, knees and feet. Some working principles are:

● Applied mindfulness and self-reflection – through moving. ● Working with the novelty your brain needs to learn & adapt. ● Regaining posture that supports your health. ● Reclaiming your inner resilience and applying new tools for healthier movement. ● Verbally guided gentle movements anyone can do, to be applied in any context.

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The Famous Vagus

Digestion, Emotion, Sleep & Wellbeing: the Vagal Connection
While in Washington DC this month I spent 4 days training with an Osteopath from the UK on the Enteric Nervous System, the 'famous vagus' and how emotional health and digestion are so intrinsically connected. "The vagus nerve has fibers that innervate virtually all of our internal organs. The management and processing of emotions happens via the vagal nerve between the heart, brain and gut, ..."
The gut has an agenda, a lot of power, and a mind of it's own. And that's before we even talk about the microbiome! In Craniosacral Biodynamics, the clinician attunes through touch and deep listening to the communication along the vagus nerve pathways,motility and the connection to the brain (Cranial Nerve 10 for the anatomy junkies out there).

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Jennifer Herzog
The Jaw & Neck: A Delicate Balance

Consider the relationship between your jaw and the top vertebra of your neck. The TMJ (jaw joints) live on either side of a critical balance point (OA Junction), and many head and neck issues can be connected to jaw misalignment and dysfunction. 

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Jennifer Herzog