Workshops are a great way to start or deepen your practice. 

If you'd like to bring any of these workshops to your city, office or clinic, contact me.


The ABC’s of Feldenkrais.

January 18, 2019 7:00 - 9:30 Springbank Equestrian Society Hall, 25 Robinson Road, Calgary

Your introduction to a new model for change, learning, movement and health.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Informative and Experiential: Learn the building blocks for applying intelligent movement and mindful attention to improve how you do everything.

A good introduction: as well as valuable information for anyone who is already practicing the Feldenkrais Method®


The Great Hip Workshop

$60 - January 19, 2019| 9:30 am - Noon

Like hubs, hips are designed to support, direct and power your movement. How they move is how you move. Your Hips are Great…and they are going to love this workshop. And this work is designed to make all your movement easier.

No need to be flexible, but you do need to be in good health and be ready to move in an entirely new way!

Bow Valley Lawn Bowling Club, 1738 Bowness Road (in the community of West Hillhurst)

Shoulder Redemption

$60 - January 20, 2019 | 9:30 am - Noon

Springbank Equestrian Society Hall 25 Robinson Road

Well organized, mobile shoulders give us the sense of strength, confidence & freedom in our movement.
How many people suffer with a 'bad' shoulder? Even in 'good' shoulders, the range of motion can slowly diminish through misuse or under-use. We will explore the mobility, connectivity and strength of your shoulders - as they relate to the movement of your ribs, spine and chest.

Location: TBA

Arms & Hands - with Heart

$60 - February 23, 2019 | 9:30 am - Noon

Springbank Equestrian Society Hall 25 Robinson Road

Every day you reach, hold, touch, carry, lift, push and pull. You also hug, communicate, nourish, create and love - with your arms, hands from your heart.A gorgeous series of lessons promoting ease, strength and articulation of arms and hands for work and play. 

Experience directly how working with your arms and hands can also benefit your shoulders and neck.

Location: TBA


Ribs Actually

$75 + GST - March 20, 2019 | 9:30 am - 12:30 PM

If your shoulders, neck or back are painful or stiff, chances are your ribs aren't moving as well as they could. Ribs are designed to adapt, yield and articulate. Mobile Ribs = Mobile You. Liberate your ribs and your self in this engaging, somatic, learning + moving 3 hour workshop.

Location: TBA

Neck, Jaw and Posture

$75 + GST - April 27, 2019 | 9:30 am - 12:30 PM

Consider the relationship between your jaw and the top vertebrae of your neck. The TMJ (jaw joints) are on either side of a critical balance point for your head (OA Junction). Many head and neck issues can be connected to jaw tension and poor alignment. Using The Feldenkrais Method ® , we can learn to improve alignment and function, while reducing or even eliminating pain and tension. Even better, we build and update 'maps' of awareness, which always move us in the direction of health and our best movement and performance.

Location: TBA

Knees, Ankles & Feet

$75 + GST - May 25, 2019 | 9:30 am - 12:30 PM

Our feet are designed to thrive without the support of a shoe, and respond to uneven surfaces that provide a rich context for sensing and adapting. What's your Ankle IQ?  Consider the ankle savvy needed for squatting without effort. So much of natural human movement relies on articulate ankles and feet and spring-like knees, to create a lightness of step worth cultivating. We'll work in the direction of squatting to explore how knees and ankles work can together with more ease.  And finish with some specific foot movements that will leave you light on your feet and taller than when we started!

Location: TBA


Eyes, Perception & Action

$75 + GST - COming 2019 

In this workshop, you will become aware of how habitual strain, and overuse of your eyes impacts your movement. Learn new options to radically shift the quality of your breathing, your movement and the overall state of your nervous system. Eyes are at the top of the sympathetic nervous system chain, and provide an access point creating profound change. Feldenkrais eye lessons make for a gentle entry point into making change at deep level.

Location: TBA


$75 + GST - COming 2019 

Confidence and pleasure in walking can be missing from many people's movement. Cross the road and apply the principles of the Feldenkrais Method® in this 3 hour workshop to enhance the gait, efficiency and pleasure of your walking. You can expect new awareness and ease of stride in walking, running and skiing.

Location: TBA

Breathe for Change

$75 + GST - COming 2019

We can improve our every day breathing to wonderful healing effect. We can also use breathing as a tool for transformation. This is the territory of emotions and self concept,  as well as a wellspring of your internal, untapped, renewable resource. A daring series of Feldenkrais breathing lessons. Some experience with breathwork and/or Feldenkrais is recommended.

Location: TBA


Balance is a Verb

$75 + GST - COming 2019 

Balance is a process; something we do ... and do again with every step we take. Learn new tools to develop and improve balance in everything from walking, to yoga, to sports and beyond.  Cultivating balance does not eliminate risk or falls - but heralds the beginning of falling 'well' and getting up with confidence and resilience.

Location: TBA